public dissemination

This page contains INDIGO’s non-scientific public dissemination such as press coverage, social media channels, events, blog posts and podcasts. Each section is directly accessible via the menu above. For all scientific output, please check the results page.

website | newsletter | protocols

  • From the start of the project, INDIGO shared all relevant information via this regularly updated project website. The latest news can be found in the blog section.
  • INDIGO published a bi-weekly newsletter in the first 16 project months. These newsletters – which can be found here – always featured the same three hyperlinked sections:
    • A short mention of all upcoming meetings.
    • A photograph of graffiti recently created along the Donaukanal. Clicking on this image brings up a map with its location.
    • A short description and link to the protocol of past meetings. In that way, the INDIGO meeting protocols are freely accessible to anybody.

social media

  • Project INDIGO has an active Instagram account, because it is one of the main platforms over which the necessary engagement with graffiti creators takes place. After the first project year, almost 400 people active in the graffiti scene followed INDIGO via Instagram. This engagement was made possible via four types of contributions:
    • Every second Monday, the Newsletter was posted.
    • Each Wednesday was Gallery Wednesday; new graffiti creations from the Donaukanal were shared.
    • Every second Friday is Flashback Friday: either relevant historical facts on graffiti were shared or a photo composition that compares a 2002-2005 versus a 2022 photo from the Donaukanal.
    • Every Sunday is Literature Sunday, in which literature on graffiti (usually a book) was shortly described

Since INDIGO reached a substantial engagement after project year one, the PI decided to devote less time to Instagram and only continue the Gallery Wednesday posts. Sporadically, other content – like an advertisement for the goINDIGO symposia – was posted. At the end of project year two, INDIGO had circa 500 followers.

  • The Twitter account of INDIGO is less active, which explains why there are only circa 140 followers as of September 2023. Twitter was mainly used to advertise all the talks of the goINDIGO 2022 and 2023 symposia.


  • On Saturday 16-07-2022, the Austrian newspaper Die Presse devoted an article to project INDIGO. The entire article can be found here.
  • On Thursday 30-03-2023, the Austrian newspaper Der Standard published an article on INDIGO in their science blog.


  • Jona Schlegel and Benjamin Wild presented project INDIGO at the Lange Nacht der Forschung (Eng. Long Night of Science) [20/05/2022, Vienna, Austria]). More info and photos of the event are available here.
  • Benjamin Wild represented project INDIGO at the European Researchers’ Night [30/09/2022, Vienna, Austria].
  • the Levin Statzer Foundation organised boat tours in September and October 2022 along the graffiti-scape of the Donaukanal. During these tours, project INDIGO and its goals were mentioned as well.
  • Benjamin Wild represented project INDIGO at BEST, Austria’s largest Job, Training and Education fair (Germ. Beruf Studium Weiterbildung). More info can be found here.
  • Massimiliano Carloni co-organised a graffiti workshop at the 2023 Kinderuni (Children’s University) event held at the Austrian Academy of Sciences [21/07/2023, Vienna, Austria]. Click here for more info and photos.

podcasts | interviews

  • 31/05/2022: ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE Podcast 69 featured Stefan Wogrin talking about INDIGO (40:15 to 46:43).
  • 09/05/2022: graffiti creator Deadbeat Hero mentions right at the beginning of his Artcade podcast S08 E01 his partaking in the goINDIGO symposium.
  • 04/10/2022: a long interview by CIPA Heritage Documentation with Geert Verhoeven (published on LinkedIn) also touches upon project INDIGO.
  • 24/04/2023: an interview with Stefan Wogrin will play at the Bezirksmuseum in the 20th district in an exhibition about the Donaukanal (September-October 2023). Stefan mentioned project INDIGO.

blog posts

  • 05/07/2022: on theworldinpointclouds, INDIGO is featured in a blog post on point cloud generation.
  • 21/08/2023: the photogrammetric goals of INDIGO are covered in the news section of the TUWien website.
  • 22/08/2023: a post on VRVis homepage covers the visualisation aspects within INDIGO.
  • 22/08/2023: the German website GEObranchen covers the 3D modelling aspect of INDIGO ((this is a repost of the TUWien news entry).