core team

Geert Verhoeven

project leader

Norbert Pfeifer

principal investigator

Stefan Wogrin

principal investigator
Massimiliano Carloni

Massimiliano Carloni

data archiving

Adolfo Molada Tebar

colour science

Johannes Otepka-Schremmer

spatial data management
Nina Richards portrait

Nina Richards


Jona Schlegel

web programming

Martina Trognitz

data archiving

Alexander Watzinger

spatial database

Martin Wieser

hardware development
Benjamin Wild

Benjamin Wild


institutes involved

external scientific collaborators

The INDIGO core team encompasses young and experienced, male and female researchers with different nationalities working in natural sciences and digital humanities. Furthermore, INDIGO has contacted a range of international scholars that all agreed to exchange graffiti insights voluntarily:

  • Doris Tophinke, the driving force behind INGRID
  • Alex Hale, archaeologist
  • Susan Hansen, social psychologist/visual sociologist
  • Sabina Andron, architectural historian
  • Martin de la Iglesia, art historian and information scientist
  • Sam Merrill, cultural sociologist
  • Jacob Kimvall, art historian
  • Erik Hannerz, sociologist
  • Ilaria Hoppe, art historian

Covering various humanistic fields, these experts will provide diverse suggestions for community engagement and for creating the graffiti thesaurus plus standardised metadata set. Moreover, they will be invited to the graffiti symposia and receive early access to the INDIGO database, allowing INDIGO to collect feedback as the database gets built.


Do you also have an academic interest in graffiti and would you like to join the INDIGO network?