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INDIGO at the 3rd Heritage Science Austria Meeting

Conference, Events, Presentation
For the second year in a row, INDIGO was present at the annual Heritage Science Austria Meeting. This third meeting took place in Vienna (Austria) at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. INDIGO presented some of the project’s last years’s research in two posters: Acquiring centimetre-accurate camera coordinates in project…

INDIGO on GitHub

Coding, Software
INDIGO is developing many hard- and software solutions for more effective graffiti documentation. In the last few days, the first two software packages have been released: COOLPI and AUTOGRAF. INDIGO is an open science project; this does not only mean that our software is shared freely, but one can even…

INDIGO in Die Presse

Press, Publication
On Saturday 16-07-2022, the Austrian newspaper Die Presse devoted an article to project INDIGO. The article can also be partly ready online. Although it sits behind a paywall, it offers a few additional images. Many thanks to journalist Alice Senarclens de Grancy and photographer Jana Madzigon for this coverage.

INDIGO at the Long Night of Science

Events, Presentation
The “Lange Nacht der Forschung” (Eng: “long night of science”) takes place everywhere in Austria every two years. Hundreds of universities, institutes and museums display their ongoing research to a broad audience and give a fascinating insight into their activities – at free entrance. This year, also the INDIGO project…

goINDIGO 2022 website live

Conference, Events
goINDIGO 2022 website launch
From the 11th to the 13th of May 2022, the goINDIGO 2022 symposium will take place in Vienna. INDIGO organises this symposium to learn from other experts in the fields of documenting, archiving and disseminating graffiti. Head over to the symposium website at to check out more details on…

INDIGO wins best paper award

INDIGO is very proud to announce that the paper “Project INDIGO – document, disseminate & analyse a graffiti-scape” has won the best paper award at the 3D-ARCH conference. Co-authored by all INDIGO scholars, this paper was presented by the youngest researcher in the team: Benjamin Wild. We heartily congratulate Benjamin…

3D-ARCH articles published

Conference, Publication
The two papers written by INDIGO team members for the 9th International Workshop 3D-ARCH are now published and freely accessible online: Verhoeven, G., Wild, B., Schlegel, J., Wieser, M., Pfeifer, N., Wogrin, S., Eysn, L., Carloni, M., Koschiček-Krombholz, B., Molada-Tebar, A., Otepka-Schremmer, J., Ressl, C., Trognitz, M., Watzinger, A., 2022.…

3D-ARCH articles submitted

Conference, Publication
The INDIGO team managed to write and submit two full papers for the 9th International Workshop 3D-ARCH “3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures”. The first paper [ Project INDIGO – Documenting, disseminating and analysing graffiti in the centre of Vienna ] is written by the entire INDIGO team.…


Since October 2021, project INDIGO has been releasing a weekly (sometimes two-weekly) newsletter. Their aim is to announce the three most essential events of the upcoming week, while also summarising three relevant events of the week that passed.

All newsletters are displayed below. They are PDF documents with hyperlinks to meeting reports (if available) and a location in Google Maps when one is mentioned in the caption of the central graffiti photo. INDIGO puts these newsletters and meeting reports online to promote academic transparency.