Benjamin Wild

photogrammetrist | geo-data enthusiast

Benjamin received his Master’s degree in Geodesy and Geoinformation from TU Vienna. He is a geo-data enthusiast who worked previously in the field of microwave remote sensing of vegetation (CLIMERS research group, TU Vienna), developing a global and long-term vegetation dataset to assess the impact of climate change on the global carbon cycle. Recently, he changed to the Photogrammetry research group of the Geo Department at the TU Vienna.

Benjamin considers the INDIGO project as a thrilling new adventure. This shift in scale, from measurements in space to photographs taken on the ground allows getting completely new perspectives of sensing our environment. He particularly likes how INDIGO connects a refreshing variety of art, engineering and technology topics. His main roles in this project involve the processing, rectification and segmentation of the images mainly by developing/applying bespoke photogrammetric tools and techniques.

Benjamin Wild