Norbert Pfeifer

principal investigator | photogrammetrist

Norbert received his PhD from TU Vienna, where he is currently full professor of photogrammetry at the Geo Department. His research interests are laser scanning and photogrammetry, reaching from modelling the observation process via calibration and orientation of sensors and data to 3D modelling and application of these models in the environmental and cultural heritage sciences in an interdisciplinary context (forestry, geomorphology, ecology, architecture, archaeology). This includes especially point cloud processing in orientation and classification. Platforms studied are especially static terrestrial, unmanned and manned aerial, and satellites.

Norbert Pfeifer is Co-PI of INDIGO and will contribute his photogrammetric knowledge in image orientation, which enables temporally and spatially well-aligned rectified images of graffiti. With his experience in topographic modelling, he supports the choice for the appropriate 3D model of the Donaukanal for the specific purpose of planar rectification of the perspectively distorted photos of graffiti. Also the link between the 3D presentation and the database of Graffiti, thus the link between visualization and analytics, is the focus of his interest.